On January 27, SIESTA FESTIVAL will embark on a captivating literary journey through the words of three authors: Ingeborg Robles, a German-Spanish writer, will explore everyday ironies and paradoxes, bringing Greek myth into the home kitchen and intertwining high culture with shoes. Juan Ignacio Chávez, a Peruvian writer, delves into a colonial nightmare, navigating the journey towards identity amid confinement. Bolivian writer Martha Gantier reflects on the forgotten god, the city as a port of suitcases, and the profound themes of death and rebirth. The event will be enriched by the translations of Monika Jorge Mateo, Laura Rogalski, and Jacqueline Schauer, with Carmen Volpe moderating and DJ Costalero providing the musical backdrop.

Veteranenstraße 21
10119 Berlin
27 JAN, 13 APR & 15 JUN
Starting from 20:00 hrs.

“Panoramas of Latin American Performative Literature in Berlin”

A surrounding wall of images emerges as the new scenarios for the Spanish and Portuguese performative literature. Magnetic figures, like metaphors projected from afar, emanate and invite us into Panoramas -a triptych of scenarios to be discovered individually, yet together.

Structured in three immersive encounters, the Latin American literature in Berlin delves into new depths beyond the surface of a city. In this unique Panoramas presented by SIESTA FESTIVAL, over 20 artists shape new forms to inhabit the literary and cultural space of LETTRÉTAGE in Berlin-Mitte from January to June 2024. Innovative approaches to producing and presenting literature immerses us in an event filled with creative combinations of words, performance, video art, and sound art.

Take a seat, save the dates and jump into the immersive leap of “Panoramas of Latin American Performative Literature in Berlin”.

13 APR 2024.
15 JUN 2024.