SIESTA FESTIVAL is an intercultural, multilingual and inclusive poetry festival of authors living in Berlin and writing in Spanish. Working together with their German translators, they explore the limits of the traditional reading, incorporating sound, visual and performative elements. Over 2 days, 6 performative readings will open up the text to the depths of the body.

Featuring: Douglas Pomepeu; Jordan Lee Schnee; Sandra Rosas; Inés Noé; Izaskun Gracia; Johanna Hühn; Ginés Olivares; Dadiv Buob; Ana Rocío Joulie; Lea Marie Weber; Karen Byk; & Lea Hübner.

Video ©Nina Cavalcanti, 2023.

11 & 12 August 2023
Novilla - Moving Poets
​Hasselwerderstraße 22
12439 Berlin